Date: Aug - Nov 2019
Programs:  Illustrator, Photoshop, Dimension (3D)
The Project: For my senior level class, I needed to pick a city that has never hosted the Olympics, conduct research on the culture of the land and it's people, and create branding and placekicking around the event. Below you can see my thought process, inspiration and final designs.
The Logo: I took inspiration from the black star that appears in the Accra’s Independence Square. The star represents Pan-Africanism and anti-colonialism. The shape also signifies an A for Accra. The lines crossing over each other stand for the weaving that is present in Ghanan Kente Cloth, and the geometric shapes in their architecture. The finished design has lines making up the top of the star, resembling the fire of a torch
All of my color choices are based off of Adinkra culture. Green and blue together communicate the mission of the Games and resembles a green field with a blue sky.
The Patterns: Kente Cloth is a silk and cotton fabric constructed of interwoven cloth strips made and native to the Akan ethnic group of Ghana. These designs mimicked the in and out weaving. Because there is such a wide variety of designs for kente, 4 distinct patterns where created that can be applied to different Olympic events depending on what their shapes and colors symbolize.
The Pictograms: Very few curves where used with geometric shapes being the main inspiration. 3 lines where consistently added to indicate movement and keep with the theme of the logo.
The Environmental Branding: The Olympic branding was applied to buildings and fields in Ghana. Consistent imagery in the lodging dorms of the athletes and the road side signage helps to immerse the players and guests.
The Torch: The torch is based off a West African talking drum used for special gatherings, a Kpanlogo. The base is made of wood, the top is made of actual animal hide that is used for drums, and the pegs that hold up the string are golden. The “Guaranteed Fortune” pattern is used on the torch, and for the Torch Ceremony graphics.

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