Role: Designer
Date: Oct 2019
Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator
The Brief: I wanted to capture curtain topics in the news that concerned me. There where two subjects that I decided to focus on; hair discrimination and climate change.
The Design: For me, the right to wear my hair in a natural state and not be shamed for it is very important. In many states, laws are being created to prevent jobs from firing or denying employment due to someone's hairstyle. The first two posters serve to illustrate locs, a style common for textured curly hair, in a positive light. The last communicates how some schools with 'dress codes' police how black boys are allowed to wear their hair; in one style.

Concerning climate change, in the first poster I wanted to bring attention to Autumn Peltier, a 13 year old clean water activist that has been recognized for her speech at the UN. The last poster illustrates the melting ice caps and danger to polar bears.
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