Date: Oct 2018
Programs: Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop
The Product: Within pop culture, funko produces large amount of products. A popular type are the vinyl figures in the ‘pop’ style. This app would be used for fans to trade or sell their vinyl figures in a more contained environment than ebay or etsy.
The Challenge: There is a large market for selling used, limited edition or custom Funko pops. To make the selling and guying of these figures easier for  dedicated fans and casual collectors.
The Branding: I Wanted to sketch out ideas that represented the youthful comic style identity of the brand. The red is eye catching and the shapes are simple enough to identify on your phone’s home screen. My process is below

The Organization: The app is meant to be a database. I needed to identify 7 categorizes for the user to filter through. With feedback and research, I came up with the criteria.
In order to discover what features this app will need, I developed 2 scenarios that this app would be used for and sketched out wire frames for how these tasks will be completed.
User Scenario #1
In the Chase house, Ollie, the family dog, damaged a limited edition Pokemon funko pop. This happened while Tammy’s daughter was away at college. Before she’s home for the holidays, Tammy wants to buy a replacement, but only knows the color of the Pokemon and is willing to pay any price.
User Scenario #2
At a Christmas holiday party, Zarah received a limited edition funko pop of a Marvel character. Since she isn’t a comic fan she wants to sell it, but doesn’t know how much to sell it for. She wants to see how many people are selling similar items for over $50.
User Scenario #3
Brian, a collector, wants to find any kind of pop that is red to add to his wall collection that is separated by color.He is willing to bid, but wants to start at $30 or less.
Using Adobe XD, I created an action for the user to go through in order to show the search function and the layout of the products.
Prototype: Using Adobe XD, I recorded an interaction prototype of the app going through one of the user scenarios.
The user receives a loading animation as they search for their product.
The user receives a loading animation as they search for their product.

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